Marketing strategy

We help you position your business in the online space. With a well-designed strategy, you can successfully reach your customer base through your online channels.

Authentic communication starts with a good marketing strategy.

To achieve your business' online communication goals, you first need to know who, when, where and how you can reach.

The best way to prevent money wastage is to have a logical marketing process. At WEBBRANDING, we can help you with this, too.

The internet is driven by advertisers and advertisements, so inevitably, you also encounter them on a daily basis. That’s why you might think you have a good grasp of this fast-changing and evolving industry. But how up to date are you? With a well-thought-out, professional strategy in place, you don’t have to ask yourself this question and you can be sure that you’re not wasting your business resources on unnecessary advertising.

We give your business a measurable competitive advantage thanks to a data-driven marketing strategy.

We research, analyse and measure to ensure that the outcome is a logical and well-thought-out communication strategy that is also profitable.

No matter which industry is concerned, technical solutions play an increasingly important role in achieving market leadership.

If you want to be successful in the online space, you need to make room in your marketing activities for both creative ideas and professional advertising tools. We not only measure the results of your social media channels and online advertising, but also interpret these results to continuously optimise your campaigns and achieve your KPIs.

Marketing strategy WEBBRANDING
Marketing strategy WEBBRANDING

We design a complex marketing funnel to maximise conversion.

Instead of individual ads, we design a complex customer journey, so your audience can engage with you across multiple platforms, increasing your conversion rate.

We organise these in a logical system, and we design a user journey where we guide the consumer step by step towards making the purchase with interactions adapted to the user’s behaviour.

This is necessary because purchases are typically made only after seeing several ads. Along a classic conversion funnel, we guide the user step-by-step from the first interaction – through persuasion – to making the purchase.

How do we work?


Working together always starts with a consultation, where we get to know your goals in more detail.

During these conversations, we add our expertise to your market and brand knowledge. The outcome is an accurate brief.


During the consultation process, we construct your unique marketing strategy based on the exact objectives that we set together.

We present the prepared plan, and, if necessary, refine it further based on feedback.

Implementation and optimisation

Once the strategy has been approved, we start implementing it, and continuously monitor its effectiveness against pre-defined KPIs.

We monitor campaigns in progress, and optimise them on the fly. Moreover, in our regular reports you’ll find clear suggestions alongside the numbers.

Our portfolio

We always strive to produce creative, measurable and, of course, lasting things. Here are some of our previous projects.
Marketing strategy WEBBRANDING
Marketing strategy WEBBRANDING