Dr. Péter Fauszt

Web development
SEO, UX/UI, WordPress

Dr. Péter Fauszt

Dr. Péter Fauszt is a lawyer, a legal expert specialised in real estate, a property broker and valuer specialising in the sale of properties in Buda.

Our brief included designing a digital platform that was in line with the high quality customer base and network he has built over the last 15 years. We did this while ensuring that the interface meets both on-page and technical SEO requirements.

The project

Since trust is a core aspect in the real estate market, and because it is a personal brand, we also produced video footage in addition to the photography.

Via such deeper content, we had more opportunities to build engagement. We managed the shootings from pre-production to post-production.

Dr. Péter Fauszt WEBBRANDING

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