PPC ad management

Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. Ad management on any platform.

Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads optimised for return on investment

We help you reach your target audience with precisely targeted campaigns, so that your product or service reaches the customers that are best suited to you.

Whatever the composition of your target group, they are sure to use the internet. They leave trails on social media, in Google search, and also when browsing websites. When working on your targeting settings, we’ll synchronise these trails with your business goals and your marketing strategy to maximise profits.

We measure, draw conclusions and continuously optimise for the best results

Based on what we learn from tracking online advertising, we optimise targeting settings to get your brand message across at the lowest possible cost.

Professional campaign management doesn’t end with targeting settings, in fact, that’s where it really begins. We process the information we receive and, if necessary, make changes to your advertising objectives, audience, budget and even creative content. You can rely on our comprehensive PPC expertise in everything from planning to reporting.

PPC ad management WEBBRANDING
PPC ad management WEBBRANDING

Conquer the international market with online advertising, be successful outside your country's borders!

If your online store, business or services have outgrown your home country, we can help you reach potential customers in new regions.

We plan and launch your international market entry in a predictable, ROI-based way. Across Europe and beyond, you can rely on our ad management expertise. Our PPC experience gained with international brands will not let you down. We will reach your customers by effectively testing the potential of new markets.

How do we work?

Developing a campaign strategy

We develop a campaign strategy tailored to your goals and advertising budget.

We don’t think in terms of individual ads, but in terms of complex advertising systems where the elements follow one another and lead the user step-by-step towards conversion. We tailor our campaign strategy to your company’s marketing plan, so that content and algorithm work together to support your brand’s success in the online space.

Attracting attention creatively

When precisely targeted ads don’t perform as expected, we use A/B testing to better tailor the content to the audience’s tastes.

In addition to setting up your ad account, you can also count on us for copywriting, corporate identity design, photography and video content production. We plan your marketing strategy and prepare it for your advertising up to the last element. Not only do we help you with account management, but also with creative content.

Regular optimisation and reporting

We constantly review the ad campaigns we run, and our reports will give you not only figures, but also suggestions for optimisation.

We monitor our ads up to several times a day during the start-up phase and at least weekly thereafter. Minor optimisation tasks are handled immediately to ensure the most efficient use of your advertising budget.

Our portfolio

We always strive to produce creative, measurable and, of course, lasting things. Here are some of our previous projects.
PPC ad management WEBBRANDING
PPC ad management WEBBRANDING